Songs You May Have Missed #606


Bleu: “Could Be Worse” (2003)

Bleu (a.k.a. James McAuley III) got help on his second full-length album from fellow power pop sympathizers like Semisonic”s Dan Wilson and Andy Sturmer of Jellyfish, who co-wrote and sang backup on “Could Be Worse”.

Video of the Week: Dan Wilson Explains How He Hid His Hit Song’s Meaning in Plain View


Dan Wilson, singer and songwriter of the band Semisonic, reveals the true meaning behind the band’s biggest hit at his 25th reunion at his alma mater, Harvard.

Songs You May Have Missed #457


Semisonic: “Never You Mind” (1998)

Nice song, great left-field treat for Trekkies in the third verse. Fans of the Kirk/Spock original series will chuckle.

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Recommended Albums #50


Semisonic: Great Divide (1996)

What a joy it is to belatedly discover a really good album that you’d previously missed from a decade gone by.

Another great feeling is that of associating a newfound piece of music with a newfound friend (an “F.N.T.” if you will) who makes their entrance onto the stage of your life on cue just as the metaphorical needle hits the groove. Life is beautiful in that moment…

Recently I experienced the magical confluence of both experiences on one unforgettable day and evening. It was a reminder of just how much both friends and music can enrich our lives. Certainly I feel abundantly blessed on both counts.

So, about this album…

Semisonic are known mostly for their top ten 1998 hit “Closing Time”. And so often when a band’s career climaxes with a single massive hit, the work they did previous to it remains undiscovered by the masses. I won’t argue for Great Divide to be recognized as some kind of lost masterpiece–just a real enjoyable listen for fans of 90’s rock. Or, as Rolling Stone described it, “a record of simple but sparkling modern pop.” Hard to imagine this one missed the album charts completely.

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Listen to: “Across the Great Divide”


Don’t miss: “Falling”

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