Songs You May Have Missed #606


Bleu: “Could Be Worse” (2003)

Bleu (a.k.a. James McAuley III) got help on his second full-length album from fellow power pop sympathizers like Semisonic”s Dan Wilson and Andy Sturmer of Jellyfish, who co-wrote and sang backup on “Could Be Worse”.

Songs You May Have Missed #535


Jellyfish: “Ignorance is Bliss” (1991)

King Bowser sings to Princess Toadstool of his wicked intentions. From a compilation album released by Nintendo in 1991, and previously a B-side for wacky, wonderful power poppers Jellyfish.

For a novelty record these guys sure put a lot of effort (and unconventional instruments) into the mix. Listen for the perky banjo that kicks in on the second chorus at 1:10, or the jew’s harp, or…

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Songs You May Have Missed #86


Jellyfish: “That Is Why” (1990)

Jellyfish were a short-lived psychedelic-tinged power pop band who only recorded two studio albums but cast a long shadow on the genre. Their McCartneyesque harmonies and sweet melodic pop might have found a wider audience in any era other than the early 1990’s.

Their two highly-regarded albums, 1990’s Bellybutton and 1993’s Spilt Milk are touchstones of ambitious power pop and well worth seeking out for fans of bands like XTC and Crowded House.

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